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Pediatric Audiology Services

Hearing is vital for communication and is essential for a full and happy life. Children, in particular, must rely on their auditory skills to be successful, both personally and academically.

At Audiology Partners, LLC, we provide a full range of services, including comprehensive hearing evaluations, follow-up and counseling with parents, and fitting of hearing aids and other amplification devices.

Diagnostic Services

  • Behavioral Hearing Assessment
  • Immittance
  • Central Auditory Processing

Diagnosis of conductive, mixed, or sensorineural hearing loss.

Methods include:

Behavioral Observation Audiometry (BOA) (0-6 months)

Reflexive responses, such a sucking , eyeblinks, and heart rate are observed in response to tonal and speech stimuli.

Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA) (6 months - 2 years)

Localization to tonal and speech stimuli, presented in soundproof booth, resulting in head turns or cessation of activity.

Play Audiometry (3-6 years)

Reponses are obtained through conditioning the child to drop a block or other object in response to tonal stimuli.

Standard Testing Methods (used with children above 6 years of age)

Immitance Testing:

Tympanometry is a measure of the function and status of the middle ear.

Central Auditory Processing Evaluation:

  • Formal Assessment of school-aged children with suspected auditory processing deficits.
  • Recommendations for remediation of diagnosed auditory processing deficits.

Otoacoustic Emissions Testing:

Measuring the status of the inner ear.

Hearing Aid Services

Hearing Aids:

If a permanent hearing loss is identified, hearing aids are often recommended, and the appropriate fitting is performed.

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Parent Education and Counseling:

Educating parents and helping them to make decisions regarding their child's hearing problem.

Follow-up and Referrals:

If a hearing problem is identified, the child is closely monitored during regular follow-up visits.

Other Services

Hearing Protection:

Custom earmolds and musicians' earmolds can be made to provide maximum protection from noise exposure.

Swim Molds:

Floating swim molds provide custom protection for children with ventilation tubes, as well as those prone to swimmer's ear.